I first became enamored with meteorites as a little boy, when my mother took me on a visit to London's Geological Museum. Over time, my passion became a hobby, and ultimately my chosen avocation. Since 1994 I have devoted myself to collecting, studying, writing about, and hunting for, these astonishing visitors from outer space. I have visited most of the world's important meteorite sites, and have chronicled my adventures in numerous magazines including Astronomy, Sky & Telescope, Meteorite, Seed, Rock & Gem; in my book Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space, and on my television series Meteorite Men.

My company, Aerolite Meteorites LLC, has provided meteorite specimens to many of the world's top institutions including the Vienna Museum of Natural History; The Natural History Museum in London; The American Museum of Natural History in New York City; The Center for Meteorite Studies at ASU, Tempe; The Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection at TCU, Fort Worth; The Black Hills Institute in Hill City, South Dakota; and to a multitude of private collectors worldwide. Famed rock musician Sting owns a splendid iron meteorite acquired from Aerolite, as does celebrated astronomer Neil Degrasse Tyson. Although I make my living as a commercial meteorite vendor, I have been, and always will be, a passionate collector first.

Over many years, and hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, I have found, bought, and traded some of the most fascinating and alluring meteorites known to science, and a number of those pieces were kept in my personal collection. The purpose of this website is to offer what I consider to be some of the very finest meteorites available anywhere in the world today. The majority of the specimens presented here, on, have been personally selected by me from that collection. I have chosen fifty outstanding specimens from the Notkin Collection of Meteorites, and they are presented on the pages of this website, for your enjoyment. Every Notkin Collection piece carries a hand painted catalog number, which I carefully inscribed with a very fine paintbrush. These numbers cause no damage to the specimens, and were applied using acrylic paint. To provide an enduring provenance each specimen is also accompanied by a unique handmade Notkin Collection identification card which includes printed details of type, weight, classification, etc., and a handwritten number that matches the number painted on that specific piece.

Selecting, photographing, and describing each piece has been a monumental project that has taken several months. Most images include a 1-cm scale cube for reference, and all are very accurate photographic representations. Some specimens, such as the large Brenham slice, the Camel Donga individual, the large oriented Gao-Guenie, and the Gibeon end cut are truly world-class meteorites that would grace any major collection. Others are more modest in size and value, but every one of these specimens has an aspect to it that is, in some way, unsurpassed.

Several of these meteorites have been featured on major websites and in significant print publications, while others were found on, or featured on, Meteorite Men. It is my hope that these outstanding specimens will find the best of homes, and enthrall their new owners, as they have enthralled me.

— Geoff Notkin